Give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind

Location Lockbox will get help quickly when you can’t.

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Create Event

Create a custom event check-in whenever you want some extra security, like when you’re walking home late, going on a date, taking a trip or going somewhere new. During your scheduled event, Location Lockbox will automatically check in with you to see if you’re okay. If you indicate that you’re not okay, or if you don’t respond within 30 minutes of the check-in, your designated emergency contact will receive a text message with your last known location and the description of your event so they can take action and get help.

Location Lockbox Demo Screens
Location Lockbox Demo Screens

Secure PIN Identification

Secure PINs ensures that only you can tell the app if you're okay or if you need assistance. Set two unique four-digit PINs that only you know: one for “I’m okay” and one for “I’m not okay” so that you’re always the one in control of your safety. If someone enters an incorrect PIN, an alert will be triggered and sent to your emergency contact.

Manage Events
& Contacts

Create, edit and event check-ins as your plans change. It’s easy to change information about your location, check-in time, event description and the contacts to receive alerts.

Location Lockbox lets you add an unlimited number of emergency contacts to your profile. And, you can select as many emergency contacts as you’d like for each check-in. Your contacts will only be notified by text message the first time they are added to your Location Lockbox profile. After that, they will only receive a text if you need assistance – either when you enter your “I’m not okay” PIN or you don’t check in at all. Your and your emergency contacts’ information is strictly private and is kept safe and secure.

Location Lockbox Demo Screens