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Take Location Lockbox with you, where ever you go, whomever you’re with.

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Keeping Lives Safe

"Every year the number of missing people is getting increasingly alarming. Left without any information their families and friends just can’t take immediate actions to find their loved ones. We strongly believe that any additional detail can save a life and Location Lockbox was created with this purpose. Our app will always be on guard of your safety." - Sheldon, creator of Location Lockbox

Location Lockbox is a one-of-a-kind personal safety app, that was created with an extremely important goal of helping people to fully control their well-being. It will take away the burden of worrying about yourself and your life. We are responsible for ourselves, but can we take control of everything? Or can we be responsible for other people's actions? Unfortunately, no. Many situations are still beyond our control and can happen unexpectedly. At such times, Location Lockbox will become your friend, guard and voice of commonsense that calls loudly for help.

In the Location Lockbox app the time between emergence of a potentially dangerous situation and the notification about something bad already happened is significantly short. Why is it important? The first 48 hours are critical in a missing person investigation. Location Lockbox transmits your whereabouts within 30 minutes to alert your loved ones of what happened when you can't.

This little guard in your pocket will always be there for you, defending the most valuable gift you have – your life.

Be proactive. Be safe. Have peace of mind.